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Meet your dog sledding team

Gidádálvve, or Spring Winter, describes the time of the year in March and April. The daylight hours are fast increasing and the temperatures in the afternoon are rising. We still offer all the winter activities like snowshoe trekking, snowmobile tours, or dog sledding tours, but the Northern Lights season is over. From the end of March you can book our free-style ski package where you can enjoy skiing through deep, untouched powder snow, right from the summits of the mountains to the edge of the sea.

Snowmobile Safari at Night

Dálvi, Winter, lasts from December until March. It is the coldest and darkest time of the year, with a lot of snow, and you must dress carefully. But no worry, we provide you with the right dress for all occasions. It is a good season for watching the Northern Lights, and we offer snowshoe trekking, snowmobile tours, and dog sledding tours.

Ski Adventure from the Summit to the Sea

Gidda, or Spring follows Spring Winter, bringing milder temperatures, but until the middle of May you can book our free-style ski packages. From the middle of May until the middle of June the snow melts away and our lodge is closed.

Watch the Midnight Sun on a boat trip

Giđđageassi, or Spring Summer, describes the time in June when, nearly overnight, everything turns green. Our lodge opens again at the 21st of June, just in time for you to enjoy the Midnight Sun.

Enjoy the Nordic Summer

Geassi, the true Summer lasts from Midsummer until the End of July. In summer everyone enjoys the warmer temperatures and endless daylight. It's a time for celebration among the Sami people with festivals and cultural events taking place across their communities. At the lodge you can join us on trekking tours to the mountain tops od Uløya and on midnight boat trips to watch the Midnight Sun. During the day we offer boat safaris to see the Artic wildlife, seals, sea otters, eagles and many other sea birds. We also organise boat trips to historical places and to the most northern distillery of the world.

Enjoy the Wildlife Safari at Sea

Čakčageassi, or Autumn Summer describes the time in August. This season sees cooler temperatures returning while nature prepares for its annual transformation into vibrant autumn colours. It is the best time for hikes and for our boat safaris to see the Arctic wildlife.

Be amazed by the Northern Lights

Čakča, or Autumn, lasts from the beginning of September to the end of October, enveloping the landscape in breathtaking hues of red, orange, and yellow. It's a busy time for harvesting crops and preparing for the upcoming winter months. And it is a good time to see the Northern Lights. The temperatures are not to cold, your tripod can not get stuck in deep snow.

Meet the whales

Čakčadálvi, or Autumn Winter, in November and December takes over as temperatures drop further and snowfall becomes more frequent. It is high season for The Northern Lights, and we offer packages which include whale watching by boat, dog sledding tours, and snowshoe trekking.

Find the right Season for you

Which is the right time of the year for you to visit our Lodge? Would you like to see the whales in autumn winter, or would you like to ride a snowmobile in deep snow, and to go on a dog sledding tour in winter?
You can watch the Northern Lights from September until March. The Midnight Sun you will see at the end of spring summer and in summer. And in autumn summer you will enjoy the colours and the Arctic wildlife.
Whatever time you choose, you will have a remarkable time at the Arctic Panorama Lodge. 

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